Homemade Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

ChocoChip Cookies

Baked with Love and For Love (the love for Cookies)

This year, Valentines Day brought back my love for Baking. And by popular demand at home, chocolate chip cookies were the chosen Winner.

Some of you may ask why do all the work when you can just buy them from the store. Personally, for me, the fun and satisfaction of baking your own cookies, in the comfort of your home, knowing that everything will be as per Your Taste, the sight of seeing those cookies rise, that feeling of sweet success when you take the first bite – all of that hits different!!! And when you have a lil cookie monster to help you bake – the happiness on that innocent face just makes these baking sessions ever more exuberant.

How easy is to bake cookies ?

Baking is such a stress reliever. The fragrance of the ingredients and the freshly baked goods is so therapeutic.

Everything that you’ll need to bake is probably already in your kitchen, if not… when buying the ingredients, leave the temptation to buy those packed cookies ??

Let’s begin the Baking Fun.


This recipes bakes around 14 to 15 cookies. Click on the “YIELDS” button to adjust your serving size.

Yields1 Serving



The cookies are ready to be devoured upon. Eat them just like that or with Milk.

Enjoy and relish the taste of your handmade cookies ????



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