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Indian Style Guacamole Recipe: Spicy Avacado Dip

Indian Style Guacamole Recipe: Spicy Avacado Dip

Creamy Avocado Dip  – Indian Style

Over the years, my horizons have expanded when it comes to condiments with my snacks. From Ketchups to Spicy Chutneys, to Hot Sauces and my latest love – DIPS. Garlic Dip, Mayonnaise, Blue Cheese Dip, Jalapeño Dip, Habanero dip – you get the drift.

As the newest member of the healthy living, healthy eating bandwagon – I was introduced to Avocados. I was intrigued about the fruit and read up all about its health benefits. Drove to the supermarket the next day, looked around for it, saw one – hesitated for a while – went ahead and picked it up.

To be honest, I did not like the way it looked. Yes, I am still a toddler who decides the taste of food by its looks. After tasting it in its usual form & as guacamole as well, my conclusion was – Nope, Nada, Zilch!! I’m a sucker for foods full of flavor. A big NO to food without spice and flavor. Naturally, the bland avocado will not be allowed on my list.

However, as a Vegetarian, and a choosy-tarian on top of it, who’s also inventing recipes to make sure my Little Fussy Eater gets all the nutrition, I could not stop thinking about the health benefits of Avocados. As a result of this, I brainstormed with my Indian Tastebuds & Mother instincts, and we were able to cook up this “Easy & Tasty Avocado Dip.” Now, there’s no going back 🙂 I LOVE AVOCADOS, *conditions applied* 😛

For this super easy and tasty dip, which is also Super Healthy too


  1. Avocados
  2. Onion
  3. Green Chillies
  4. Lemon
  5. Salt & Chaat Masala (Indian Seasoning)


Roughly chop the avocados, onion, and green chilies. If you want a creamy dip, you’d need to blend these items. Smaller pieces keep the blending process less time-consuming.

Sprinkle the salt and chaat masala and pour in the lemon juice.


Serve chilled with your favorite snacks 🙂


A recipe is never complete without an important tip 🙂 Here are a few of mine for Avocado Dip –

  1. Choosing the right avocados – They should be ripe but not too ripe. Just check them by giving them a gentle squeeze. If they feel too mushy, avoid those. If you are not able to decide, then just pick the hard avocados, and keep them outside for a day or so, near bananas, to speed up their ripening.
    I got the ripe ones and not going to use them the same day, then store them in the fridge. Avocados kept outside for longer will over-ripe.
  2. Texture – Usually, store-bought guacamoles are chunky and, of course, bland. If you prefer the chunky texture then don’t blend the avocados, onion, and chilies. Instead, finely chop the onion and chilies and mash them with the avocados using a masher or a fork.
    For a creamier dip – Blend.
  3. Machine – I prefer using a hand blender, as it makes a perfectly smooth and creamy dip. I have tried using a blending machine and it took ages and was a huge mess. A Blending machine / Food Processor that’s powerful and easily smushes everything in no time. You can use that if you have one.
  4. Lemon – Try not to skip the lemon juice, as it brings out the flavor and also prevents the browning of the dip. If you’re using bottled lemon juice, about 2 tbsp is enough for about 4 to 5 small avocados.
  5. Hotness Level – Choose the right amount of chilies for your dip. I love spicy food. My level is spice is really HIGH. The spicier, the better, is my mantra. That could not be the case with you. So keep in mind your tolerance for spicy food before selecting those extra green chilies.
  6. Seasoning – I usually use Regular salt (white) and Black Salt (kala namak). Black Salt gives a little bit of extra flavor to the salty taste. You can use Pink Himalayan Salt, too, or just simple Table Salt would do.
    A blend of many spices, Chaat Masala, enhances the taste and flavor of ANY food. Skip the Chaat Masala if you want.
    Now that you know these key points, let’s start preparing this yummylicious Creamy Avocado Dip.


Indian Style Guacamole Recipe: Spicy Avacado Dip

Recipe by Vanshika k SiddiquiCuisine: Indian, MexicanDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time




Total time



Indian Style Guacamole Recipe: Spicy Avacado Dip


  • 5 Avocados (small)

  • 1 Onion (medium)

  • 1 Lemon

  • 6 Green Chilies (*If you prefer too spicy (like me), then use 8 - 10 chilies *)

  • Salt

  • 1 tsp Chaat Masala (Optional)


  • Take a mixing bowl.
  • Cut Avocados, Onions, and Chillies into pieces.
  • Sprinkle salt & chaat masala.
  • Cut the lemon in half and squeeze in the Lemon Juice from one half. If you need more, squeeze the other half too(a tad bit or entire, depending upon your taste for tanginess).
  • Time to Blend.

Recipe Video

Serving Suggestions

SERVE IT CHILLED with your chips, pakodas(fritters), kebabs, or Even those yummy yummy Fries & Potato Wedges. Also works great as a Sandwich Spread. Mayonnaise on one side and Avocado Dip on the other, sprinkle some chili flakes and oregano or Italian herbs seasoning – add some veggie nuggets/chicken nuggets, or Fries. YUM YUM in my TUM TUM.

Do Try This Recipe, and let me know in the comments how much you loved it 🙂 Also, if you have any variations, do share them with me; I would love to try them out 🙂


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